Baby Shopping is not a day to day thing for most of us, I realise that this might be the first time you are going through this wonderful experience.

If you are like me then you’ve probably been in a hurry from the days you first saw those 2 red lines on the pregnancy test to go out and start buying baby gear. But before you rush out and buy all those cute baby clothes and baby toys here are some tips and ideas to help you save some cash and avoid the return counter.

I have also created a new baby checklist including must-have items and some items that are just nice to have 😉

Make a List of Your Baby Shopping

You can do your own research and pick things from the internet and make a list and to make it easier for you I have created a baby checklist blank template which you can download and fill it with your chosen items. I have also created a list from which you can tick the required items based on your personal preferences.

Baby Shopping Items

Baby Shopping Items

Don’t Buy Everything You See

I know what it’s like to want to buy everything when you are pregnant trust me I’ve had four. Let me tell you, you won’t use everything you buy, it is better to plan your shopping using the list I have mentioned above.

Think Before You Buy

Before deciding to buy an item especially the large and expensive items think about how and when you are going to use them. For example, a Moses basket which your baby would outgrow very quickly so it’s better to just buy a cot. If you are buying an expensive buggy check if it fits in your car and how frequently you are going to use it?

Buying Baby Buggy

Buying Baby Buggy

Buy Second-Hand Items – Classic Shopping Tip

You can find some really great and as new items in second hand. Always check websites like eBay and Gumtree for hidden treasures or check out your local charity shops and car boot sales.

But before you buy second-hand items do some safety checks most of the items are perfectly fine but it’s for your peace of mind check the government’s website This website will list all the items that are not to today’s safety standards and have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Borrow From Family and Friends

The best source for second-hand stuff is family and friends. Ask them to lend you items they don’t need and remember you can always give it back if need be.

Shop Around For Best Price & Check Online

Shop around before you buy anything big or small, like I’ve said before there is always a sale or offers on somewhere. I would recommend buying items online as I’ve always found the best prices that way, you certainly don’t need to get everything from the high street baby shops.
One more practice I would suggest that check the item in a store first and then find an online deal for it. Sometimes you may get a good offer in stores, so keep an eye out.

Online Shopping before the born arrival

Online Shopping before the born arrival

The is one more option you can go for, you do not have to go for a designer brand, buy a cheaper brand which goes through the same safety checks and requirements. You always have an option to give an item a designer look by customising it. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest.

Don’t Forget The Freebies

Sign up for all baby clubs, there are quite a few out there now and they will send you voucher codes and free samples. Also, don’t forget the bounty packs.

Don’t Buy Too Many Baby Clothes

Don’t buy too many baby outfits because you’ll be surprised how quickly they grow out of them. With my little ones before I learned my lesson, I used to buy everything I saw because it’s so hard to resist all those super cute outfits. But most of them were only used once or twice and was just a waste of money. It’s better to invest in bodysuits, sleepsuits/onesies and muslin clothes which believe me you will need quite a lot of. And don’t forget all your friends and family would buy loads of baby clothes too.

Baby Clothes Shopping

Baby Clothes Shopping

Resell Anything You Don’t Use

Whether they are gifts that friends and family have given and you don’t use or if it’s item you bought and the baby has outgrown. Sell all of them and you can use the money to shop for items you really need.

Best Shopping Tips For Buying Nappies

One of the biggest expense of a baby in baby shopping is nappies. Bumdeal is a website which compares nappy prices to save you a few quids, it’s worth checking out. Don’t stockpile before you know which brand will work for your baby. I have been using pampers for years but with my last 2 babies, I’ve used Mamia by Aldi and they’ve been a lifesaver for me. Putting aside the cost, my kids always had the worst rashes with the big brands but nothing after I started using Mamia (by Aldi). If you want to use the bigger brands, what I recommend is to bulk buy when they come on offer in supermarkets like ASDA and TESCO.

Baby Nappies/Diapers Shopping TIps

Baby Nappies/Diapers Shopping TIps

Also, you can get them really cheaply if you subscribe to Amazon which saves you the trouble of going out to the supermarket with the little one in tow. You can save up to 15% with subscribe and save and choose how regularly you would like to receive your deliveries and postage is free.

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