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Today I thought I’ll write a review about Modanisa.

Modanisa.com is a shopping website that sells modest clothes for Muslim and Modest Women, I say Muslim and modest because Modest fashion is no longer just for Muslim women, women of all races, backgrounds, and faiths are starting to embrace the modest lifestyle.

Coming back to Modanisa, the brand is one of the largest players in today’s Modest fashion market.

The fashion house was launched in 2011 is based in Turkey, Modanis.com ships to 0ver 75 countries.

Their website is updated regularly and holds over 300 brands and around 30,000 designs including a wide variety of dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, swimwear, accessories and everything else your wardrobe might require.

Although The Muslim fashion market is estimated to be worth £132 billion ($200 billion) there are still not many options available for those women who want to dress modestly, but I have to say things are changing and it’s been great to see many brands beginning to offer something for Muslim women who are interested in dressing modestly.

For example, Dolce & Gabbana’s, DKNY and Mango and H&M are all trying to offer options, while I believe they haven’t hit the mark yet at least they are trying and will hopefully give us something special soon.

Now the review, firstly this is purely my honest opinion and am not getting anything from modanisa or even in contact with them, I just have read some bad reviews online and I have to say I disagree with a most of them so I thought I will write this review and hopefully it will help some of you.

I do agree that the sizing issue is there but if you understand how their sizing works its not a problem. for guidance about sizing, please read my article ‘Modanisa sizing guide and advise’.

I personally only discovered the company in March 2018 and have since placed over 20 orders (shhh don’t tell anyone).


The first order I placed was for a dress I had seen with a friend which her husband had bought for her from a visit to Turkey, I was in love with that dress and jumped at the chance when I saw it on the website, the dress cost me £35 in the sale, I ordered it in size 16 which was the largest size available but when I received the dress it was more like a size 12-14 in the waist.

I decided not to return the item as I was planning on losing some baby weight.

And after that experience, I worked out that the standard size doesn’t apply on modanisa.com, not only that but their own sizing varies for different products as each item has individual measurements.

But don’t worry there is a solution, each item has a size 36(UK 8) or 38 (UK 10) listed as an example in the description box with measurements of bust, waist and hips which you can use to work out what size will fit you. 

Here is my article on how to work out and choose your size on modanisa.com.


When it comes to the delivery issues thankfully I haven’t had any, my orders have all arrived on time (within 4-5 days) and no customs charges in the UK as they now have a warehouse here.

The delivery cost depends on your country and the number of items. But for the UK I think its a flat fee of £5.90 (i am not sure as I always look for a code or take advantage of their free delivery over a specific amount spent). I will find some codes and link them here.

Customer service

In the many orders, I have placed I’ve only ever contacted the customer service once and that was because the person that used to deliver my orders was extremely rude.

Customer service at Modanisa told me to contact the delivery service directly to register a complaint, to tell you the truth I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t the one that chose the company they did and they should’ve talked to the company themselves but as there wasn’t anything to be done, I contacted my local delivery depot and I haven’t seen that driver since.

That being said I still think the company is working hard to get the customer service up-to-scratch.



Quality wise I am delighted, from the stitching to the Design and fabric.

I have ordered dresses ranging from £9 to £100 and have been pleasantly surprised by all of them. All those dresses are more than worth the prices I paid for them.

From the amount of fabric used to the design and stitching that has gone into each item, I do not know how they can afford to sell them for the prices they do.

Most of the dresser are lined, blouses and skirts are made from thick enough fabrics so they are not see-through.

The hijabs/ headscarves are also great quality and wide enough to cover your head and shoulders properly.

Items I have bought

I have mainly purchased dresses as I wear them the most, but have also bought blouses, skirts, hijabs, bags, hijab accessories and Jewellery, and I have always been pleasantly surprised with the quality and designs.

Below I have added the item photos from modenisa.com and will also try to add my own pictures of the items so you see and compare the colours and fabrics. 










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