Its been a while since I’ve added anything, when I wrote my first few articles I wasn’t quite sure how many of you would actually read them but I decided to put my thoughts out there anyway, and the response from all of you has been phenomenal, moreover it shows that there is still the need for Muslimas like me to come and share our experiences.

So I have decided to keep at it and hopefully keep providing you with information that will Inshallah be helpful to you lovely people.

Today’s article is about the different Muslim/Modest fashion brands that have become my favourite in the last couple of years.

As I have mentioned before, the Muslim fashion industry is worth billions and everyone is trying to get a piece of the cake. We have recently seen special collections for modest Muslim women from high-end labels such as Dolce & Gabanna, DKNY or Gucci to the high street brands like Nike, H&M and Marks and Spencers. But often when these collections come out, Muslim fashion observers are left frustrated, the reason being that these specific lines are either not as fashion-forward and/or the clothing are often dull and boring.

It’s not like the problem is that hard to fix, as many Modest bloggers and fashionistas have pointed out, all we want is a little adjustment. For example, a longer hemline on the skirt your already selling or slight modification to the necklines and longer sleeves on the latest collection of dresses.

But while we wait for them to get it right thankfully there is an abundance of Muslim fashion brands offering both affordable and luxury items in the latest fashion trends.

Before beginning let me just say these are my genuine opinions, am not representing any of these companies in any form.  These are my personal views based on my personal experiences and research.




One of the largest players of today’s Modest fashion market is which is a Turkish-based brand.

I’ve been obsessed with the brand and have placed more orders then I can remember, the brand stocks products from over 300 brands and around 30,000 designs including a wide variety of dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, swimwear, accessories and everything else a modest woman might need.

Whatever your budget or your style you are sure to find something to suit your uniqueness. For me, the brand is lacking in one area which is sizing. The sizes are not consistent and their size guide is not reliable. But I’ve worked that out please read my article for help and advise on how to find your perfect size on

Modanisa has a warehouse in the UK so there is no customs duty. The delivery is normally about £5 but there is always some kind of free delivery code available to take advantage of, visit this page for 20% off and free delivery code.

For more about Modanisa read my detailed article that covers everything about Modanisa.

Website link:



I think many of you will already be familiar with aab, the brand has been selling stylish and elegant modest clothing since 2007.

aab is a UK based brand that started its journey from London. They have an online presence through a website that every modest fashionista has visited at one point. Also, the brand has 2 UK stores and stocks their collections in leading department stores internationally.

aab isn’t on the cheap side but items are really high quality.
You can find everything you need from abayas, dresses, tunics, to hijabs and occasion wear plus everything else, each piece is unique, trendy and elegant.

Website link:


Hannah Amour is a newly launched luxury Modest fashion brand, as its only been a few weeks since the launch I have not had the chance to try them out yet but I will and update accordingly.

For now, if the sophistication of the Branding, website, and Instagram is anything to go by then I am certain Hannah amour is going to be an excellent addition to the modest fashion market.

I am absolutely in love with the packaging (pictures on Instagram), I personally believe when we spend our hard earned money on the items we buy plus P+P the least the companies can do is send it to us carefully packed. I can’t count the number of times I’ve received items just squished into a postage bag. Hannah amour states they pack each order with the utmost care and love so it feels like a gift to yourself that you open gently and carefully rather than another package that you just rip apart.

Hannah Amour was launched by a young mother who was looking for a modern alternative to the traditional abaya, during her search she realized the limitations facing our young generations who are not willing to go for western clothes but the traditional clothes also do not fit into their modern  Uni, Work or Social lifestyle.

According to Hannah Amour’s website, they are stocking carefully selected pieces from the market for now. The stock includes modest dresses, evening dresses, Hijabs & Shawls. They are working on their own collection which will be launched very soon.

Website link:



Founded in 2010 INAYAH is a UK based modest fashion and hijab brand, The brand sells contemporary and stylish clothing for modern women, with a minimalist vibe and simple silhouettes with elements of florals, vintage accents and soft tones making the pieces irresistible.

Though I have known about the brand for a while and have had a look around the website before I hadn’t placed an order until about 2 months ago.

I was on the mailing list and received an email that there was a sale on and who can resist a sale so I decided to go for it, the delivery arrived within a few days. and when I opened the parcel I was stunned by the quality and fabric also the amount of fabric used. For the price I had paid for each dress (which I think was about £27) the quality was amazing.

Website link:



ANNAH HARIRI is a family run business that was started by Annah, a reverted Muslim and her husband back in 2012.

After converting to Islam and facing the challenge of wearing a hijab and modest clothing Annah realised there weren’t many options on the market for a Muslim working woman. And her being a lady who loved fashion and looking good, started making her own clothes which were a hit with friends and relatives alike. After encouragement from husband and his relatives for her to start selling the clothes, the brand Annah Hariri was born.

Though the brand is on the pricier side (lowest price for a dress is around £75) the pieces are absolutely amazing. The website does put on plenty of sales, just recently they were running an offer of buy one get one free then 5O% off and currently there’s a 40% off offer on.

The company is registered in turkey but offers fast shipping throughout the world.

Website link:


Niswa Fashion

I’ve only come across Niswa Fashion recently and haven’t yet placed an order but the reviews are good and the website is filled with beautiful and unique pieces, offering modest women affordable yet gorgeous garment for all occasions without compromising on their uniqueness.

I am highly tempted to place an order and when I do I’ll share the experience and pictures with you lovely people In sha Allah.

The brand is located in the USA but they do ship worldwide, I am not sure about shipping cost and customs duty on delivery to the UK so I’ll contact them and add the details to this article.

Website link:

That’s all for now, I hope you guy’s found the Article helpful.

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